Change speed in properties removed the clip

I appear to have found a bug.

  1. Place a Mp4 video on V1
  2. Select it
  3. Go to properties, and change its speed.
    Expected result: clip shrinks or enlarges accordingly.
    Actual result: clip disappears.
    Undo brings it back into view.

On further testing,
if I add a second Mp4 video to track 2, then carry out steps 2 and 3 above, it works as expected.
Also, works fine if a colour clip is added instead of a video.

ALSO - this also works as expected:

  1. Place a video on V1
  2. Cut it anywhere (S)
  3. Press Undo
  4. Change speed in properties.
    Works as expected.

The bug only seems to appear when the video is imported to the timeline and nothing is changed on the timeline… ?

I made a quick demo:

Hi @jonray

I wasn’t able to reproduce.
But I noticed you use a very long clip (7h45m), can this cause the bug?

Have you tried to reproduce with a shorter clip?

EDIT Ok… I messed up… Brain malfunction… it’s not 7h45m, but 7m and 45 frames.
Forget all of the above :flushed: :smile:

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This bug I reproduced appeared in version 24.02 and happens when Settings > Timeline > Automatically Add Tracks is turned on. Changing a clip’s properties was sensitive to the current track (gold background) as opposed to which track the clip is on. So, the workaround is simple: change the current track to be correct before changing Properties (anything, not just speed).
This is fixed for the next version 24.06

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Thanks @shotcut - I did forget to mention that I tested it with 24.02, and also 24.04. Great that it’s been fixed. Thanks!

@musicalbox, how odd though that you couldn’t reproduce it…