Change speed and zoom, and ending video

i zoomed in on my video clips, and then i went to speed them up, and for some reason it zooms back out. please let me know how i cant fix this. also, once i have finished editing my video how do i get it to cut to where the video clips do?

Sorry, but this is a known bug when changing the speed of a clip on the Timeline (instead of in the Source player). You need to remove the filter and re-apply it. I will try to fix it for the next version.

I do not understand the question.

i fixed the second part of the question (computer was just glitching), so for the speed, i go back and move all the zoom to 100, leave the speed, then go back and change the zoom to what i want?

No, after changing the speed, you need to make a note of the zoom values, remove the filter, add the same filter, and set your values.

I fixed this bug for the next release v18.08 due August 1.