Change Shotcut GUI font size & Create Keyboard Shortcut In Linuxmint 20

I made a video about how to do this. In this video I show how I created a bash to change Shotcut GUI font size and open Shotcut using a keyboard shortcut to open Shotcut and change the GUI font size all in one step.

Here are some links to the video:

Here is a link to the article mentioned in the video

Disclosure: I am by no means an expert and probably won’t have time to answer questions and for that I am sorry.

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Is this based on the latest 20.10.31 version of Shotcut? Since we did a major upgrade of Qt, high DPI behavior is much improved on Linux without having to specify any environment variable or command line option.

This based on the 20.09.27 version of Shotcut. I’m going to upgrade and see if the issue is fixed. Thanks for the input.

I just upgraded to 20.10.31 Shotcut and the font issue seems be fixed, again thanks for the input.

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