Change Shortcut Key "Shift" To "Alt" To Move Rectangle VUI

The current shortcut key to move the filters with a rectangle VUI is clicking inside the rectangle and holding down Shift. However since this creates a problem with the Text: Rich filter since Shift is used to select characters that have been typed then this function is left out of Text: Rich. So how about changing the shortcut key to Alt instead? I don’t believe that Alt is used for anything in any of the filters with rectangle VUI. Doing this would allow this function to also be in Text: Rich without any clashes. Plus it would make it consistent with how Alt is seemingly used elsewhere in Shotcut as the key for movement like to seek faster in both the regular and keyframe timelines.

If this is agreed on then I it’d be nice to take this further and add the function of locking the movement of the rectangle VUI to up/down or left/right for those that want to be more precise with placement. This would be done by having it that if you hold Alt while also holding Shift then it would restrict movement to up and down and if you hold Alt while also holding Ctrl then it would restrict movement to left and right.

In some other programs, only one key is needed for left/right and up/down movements. In Photoshop for example, holding the Shift key will only allow vertical OR horizontal movements.

How does one key do both?

If you hold Shift and start moving an object up or down Photoshop locks the movement on the vertical axis. If you start going left or right, movement is locked on the horizontal axis.

Interesting. Do you ever find yourself making mistakes when doing that? Accidentally locking it vertically when you meant to lock it horizontally and vice versa?

It’s pretty forgiving. By your mouse mouvement, even if you don’t move precisely in the UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT direction, Photoshop will figure out what axis to lock.

If you use GIMP, the Ctrl key does the same thing, except you have to press-hold the key after you start to move an object.

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I wasn’t aware that GIMP had a similar function. I always just used the arrow keys if I wanted to lock it to one direction and do it while holding Shift if I wanted to move faster.

I just tested using Ctrl in GIMP and I see it’s not a strict lock. It can be annoying though because if you move the mouse past the guide made by holding Ctrl the object you are moving will do a big jump outside the guide. Still thanks for letting me know.

Yes it’s the same in Photoshop. Sort of a magnetic lock.