Change location of transition on screen

I don’t know if I can already do this but if I can’t it would be a really cool new feature if I could change the starting location of a transition. For example, if I’m trying to transition from a video to a game clip with a sniper, it would be cool if I could make the Iris circle transition start from the scope of the sniper.

Those kinds of really specific transitions are best done with a mask effect that allows you to make the shape on screen you want and animation that out. That kind of effect will be implemented in Shotcut at some point but that’s up to when the devs get a chance to do it since they have plenty on their plate as can be seen in their road map here.

In any case, I was inspired but your idea to do a transition from the scope of a sniper so I tried to see if I could do it with Shotcut’s current capabilities. It’s a bit crude though but here’s the result:

(You may want to lower the volume a little bit before playing it)

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