Change directx11 to opengl

Hi, my shotcut is very slow witg direct11
PLEASE, how i change this API to use opengl and dont direcxt11?

Set the environment variable QSG_RHI_BACKEND=opengl

OMG, how i do this man?

how i do this man?

how i do this man? help me please

You didn’t need to add two more topics on the forum for the same question.

By the way, a simple search on Google using these key words: “Set the environment variable” will give you a pretty good hint on how to do it.

I have a hard time believing that OpenGL is faster than DirectX11. If you are basing on that on an older version of Shotcut that is because the old version had to do a real-time translation from OpenGL to DirectX. Versions in the past year (>= 23.05) directly use DirectX. Slowness is due to other factors such as: video is heavy, in general, and Shotcut does not use the GPU for decoding and effects. Please be aware that changing a Windows environment variable will affect all applications that use the Qt 6 library, but I do not think that is very popular.

Changing the environment variable in Windows’ System Properties should be like: