Change deleting clip kinda

So, when I delete a clip on a track that has a few clips spread out, if there are any clips after it, they get bumped up. Can we have a button to make them stay in the same place instead, because a lot of the time for me, they are supposed to be synced up with something else and if they get moved, its annoying the fix it, especially if there are lots of clips after it. (Or maybe you can do this and I’m just and idiot, I don’t know.)

Instead of: Ripple Delete / minus button / Right-click > Remove / X or Shift+Del or Shift+Backspace
Use: Lift / ^ button / Right-click > Lift / Z or Del or Backspace

If you have synced up elements between tracks, you may wish to disable Ripple editing entirely, so that changing clip lengths also doesn’t ripple through.

Not quite sure when you mean bumped up, but if you want to delete a clip, just highlight the clip, and push Delete on your keyboard. This literally just deletes the clip, nothing gets shifted.

I’m thinking you’re doing this: (select clip, right click, remove)
Which does shift the clips to the left by the exact space that’s “Removed”.

To undo any previous action in Shotcut, CRTL+Z (Shortcut for Undo).

Shotcut 18.08.14