Change default settings for slideshow?

Love the slideshow feature - very easy to useful tool.

Is it possible to modify the default settings rather than change them every time? As an example, I rarely use the zoom and would like to set its default to zero.

A newbie question that may or not be related. How come when marking time in clips or transitions, the duration display jumps from 29 (seconds?) to 1:00? What happens to the other 30 seconds?


The timecode you see is HH:MM:SS:FF
Hours: Minutes: Seconds: Frames
Frame 0 to 29 is 1 second for a 30 FPS video.
Frame 0 to 59 is 1 second for a 60 FPS video.

Thanks Hudson555x - so what I’m seeing is time being counted in frames not seconds; and it’s apparently a 30fps clip. Got it.


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