Change default for space between clips?

Hi all - relatively new to Shotcut and getting used to things. A feature that is annoying me though is when I add clips to the timeline, it automatically adds space in between the clips.

I know I can right-click and then Remove the space, but is there a way to turn this function off so the space isn’t placed there in the first place?

Thanks so much! Enjoying this excellent piece of Open-Source software otherwise! :slight_smile:

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No it can’t be turned off.
When you drag-and-drop from the playlist it’s not very precise. If you don’t want spaces, open the clip in the viewer, drag and drop from there. A preview box is displayed making it easier to position the clip.

The keyboard is the easiest and most precise method for adding clips.

Open the clip in the source viewer, press a to append to end of the last clip on the timeline.

Or you can turn “snapping” on (the inverted magnet above the timeline) then when you drag the clip close to the end of the one in front of it it snaps to the end, getting rid of the gap.

See here:

And why not just use the “+” button (above the timeline) that puts the clip of the source after the last clip?

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… or even shortcut “A” (“Append”).

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