Change Background colour

Okay so I feel kinda stupid asking this but my default background colour for videos is black and I’d like to change it to white. I often work with cropped videos so you see the background a lot. Unfortunately couldn’t find any help on this topic elsewhere…

Thanks a lot for your help xx

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Cropped videos have no background unless you are using the cropped version as an overlay to a larger resolution video.
Perhaps what you want is to create a coloured background first using File>Open Other>Color then use your cropped video as an overlay.

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thanks for answering. i do use overlays hence why i want the black background gone. how do i put my videos over the white colour? can i move the video track to the bottom somehow so that it acts as a background to all the clips?

V1 = Open Other > Color and set to ‘composite’
V2 = Your cropped video inc Size & Position filter.

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I have a project already open and followed your instructions about creating the track to change the background color. But the white box I’ve created is in front of instead of behind my video.

Is there a way to change position (front/back)?

I’ve spent a lot of time on this project so I don’t really want to start over.

No. Not for now.
Just add a track above and move content of the track you want to put over.

Steve_Ledger, I used your tip to change background color to chroma key green. Then “exported” the resized image to MP4. I opened a new project. Opened the MP4 (with green cropped area) and a new background and executed the chroma Key filter. It worked, but may not be the most efficient way to accomplish resizing of green screen image over new studio background. Can this be done in a single pass in Shotcut? I think it would require three video tracks. Your thoughts? Thanks.

I’m not clear as to what you are trying to achieve there, in any case I’d advise starting a new topic as this one isn’t about chroma keying.

Good idea.