How important is it to convert to CVF? Shotcut appears to be able to handle clips from my iPhone and Filmic Pro without any issues, or at least from what I can see. Would I run into serious problems in the future by not converting?
To convert or not to convert,is it strictly a personal decision???

So I thought.

It is like hunting polar bears - sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you.

Some edits worked just fine, then some edits would have mysterious problems.

The problems especially turn up when combining variable frame rate clips with constant frame rate clips, as can happen when combining a raw clip with the mpeg output from a previous edit.

One mysterious problem that cropped up was when the audio would get progressively out of sync with the video as a long clip proceeded. (At the time I had no idea what caused it; now I realize I was combining output from two phones, one was VFR and the other was CFR.)

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Thank you,so if my edits were a constant raw I would have lower odds of a bear encounter? I only shoot with an iPhone short clips and don’t feel the need to convert every time I want to put together a short video. I may graduate to bigger projects in the future.
Thanks again,

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Lower odds, yes.

But I don’t know what’s lurking behind that snowdrift, so I make no promises.

If your system has enough disk space (mine does not) you can let Shotcut do the heavy lifting for you; there is a button for that, and Shotcut usually suggests it when it sees a VFR video.
(I can’t afford the file size Shotcut creates on conversions to Edit Friendly, so I do my own, optimizing downwards the file size.)

OK,am I to understand Shotcut will do the conversion to CVR??
I didn’t know that…
thanks for your patients,

Here is a demo for you.

This is the latest beta version, which I am testing (and using full time, it is great), the most recent production release acts the same.

Demo of Shotcut semi-automatic and on-demand conversion to edit-friendly codec.

Thank you,appreciate your help!!

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