Centered resizing in monitor

I want to be able to zoom in on my video using Size and Position* towards the center of the video.

Currently this is only possible if I move the bottom right corner towards the bottom right and then the opposite corner towards top left. I can’t zoom in in one go and I can’t perfectly zoom on to the center unless I make perfect movements.

I would like to be able to hold down SHIFT while moving one of the corners, so that the resize action is mirrored while I do so on the opposite corner. Here is a demonstration of such a feature in Inkscape:

Note: this suggestion was written as a user story. This suggestion tackles usability wishes similar to Size and Position filter: advanced keyframes, drag UI, scale width and height together (uniform), center scaling but might be easier to implement.

*because it has keyframes and allows repositioning while Rotate does not

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Next release v18.07 renames the Rotate filter to “Rotate and Scale” and includes simple and advanced keyframes, but this suggestion is not bad either.


This is a really useful feature, it allows to efficiently animate for example a logo growing a few pixels (like a zoom in). It’s difficult to do this manually by compensating for the growth in the position (Workaround is to use the Rotate and Scale filter instead, but the order obviously matters here, it has to be above the Size and Position filter).