Censoring areas

A filter with which one can censor certain areas, e.g. License plates, faces etc.

hi @crafter2345, you can do this already. Use the blur or the mosaic filter. This is a good tutorial about this:

Sauron compared the blur filters with the mosaic filter:

And if you read the thread, you can avoid potential problems.

Use "Spot Remover " filter to censor plate number, text, link etc. For face censor mosaic or blur filter are the best.
Use filter in this order for blur and mosaic censor to your clip

  1. Mask simple shape or mask from file
  2. Add blur or mosaic filter
  3. Mask Apply filter
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That tutorial was made not long after the Mask filter was first introduced. The Mask filters have been upgraded since then so the way to get this done can be done much simpler than before. @dipensan’s post above explains how:

Ah, yes, thanks @drm, I failed to see that :roll_eyes:. Good point.

I completely forgot about the spot remover. It is a very good choice for censoring. It obliterates.

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