Captions disappeared

Hey, I just downloaded Shotcut yesterday and now I’m teaching myself how to cut videos.
My screen today looks different than yesterday, I feel like there is text and captions on the buttons went missing! Compared to tutorials, my version now looks different (see screenshot below).
I already re-installed the program but it didn’t help.
Can someone help me?

Did you download Shotcut from here? Shotcut - Download
What are your computer specifications?
Here are the minimum system specifications.

Hey @larytale
If you talk about the text under the toolbar icons, go to View (Ansicht) and activate Show Text Under Icons (Text unter Icons anzeigen).

Hey, thanks for your quick answer. I dowloaded it from here: Shotcut - Download.
I’m using Windows 10 and my computer specs are:
Processor: intel core i5-4300u cpu @ 1.90ghz 2.50 ghz
GPU: intel hd graphics family

Is that sufficient?

Hey, thanks for your help. The box is already checked (see below). Even when creating a new project, the text is missing…

My best guess is you’re at the very bottom of the specifications. Not sure which operating system you’re running though. If you’re running a 32bit operating system, current versions of Shotcut will not work. 20.09.27 is the last 32bit (for Windows) version available for download.

Possibly the biggest bottleneck for you is 8GB of memory.
A huge plus for you is your SSD drive.

Here is an article on how to reduce memory usage.

I have never seen anything like that, but it looks like it could be a bad install. You should reboot your computer if you have not tried that. Sometimes it also helps to reboot before reinstalling.

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