Can't watch the video in the preview window

Hi World of Shortcut!

During my first steps in Shortcut I encountered the first problem. As you see in the screenshot below, I cannot see anything of the video in the preview window. Instead there is a green screen. It doesn’t matter whether I import a JPEG file or a MOV file or a mp4 file … I can’t see nothing of it in the preview. But when I export it and open the file in the Media Player it works so the the source data cannot really cause the problem.

Thank you for all your help and hints!

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What machine (PC, Mac, Linux)? What OS and OS version? What hardware (GPU, memory, CPU)? What version of Shotcut (16.11.02 is the current rev,)? Are you seeing this when the file is on the timeline or source display? How are you importing the files?

My system:

Windows 7
OS: 64-bit
4GB Memory
CPU: Intel Core i5 processor 430M

I downloaded the actual version (16.11) here:

I see this in both ways - timeline and source display.

I use the German version of it so I don’t know which function it is in the English version but it should be something like ‘Open Data’ I import files with.

Also gut. Ich versuche es zu probieren auf deutsch. Hat nur 16.11 statt 16.11.02?

(OK, I’ll try it in German. Does [/major freeware/shareware site operated by Chip magazine] have only 16.11 instead of 16.11.02? - guess a non-English category might be a good idea?)

You don’t have to talk in German. I understand you very well :wink:
I just checked it. The version I installed on my computer is 16.11.02!

Ok, keine problem.

Try playing this video. It contains an .mp4 file of the count filter (counts down from 9 and beeps at 2). You’ll get a .zip file - I use that to keep Dropbox from altering the video.

Same problem with this video. The beep sound is played but I just see a green screen.

My guess is the problem is tied to the computer’s graphics processor. Can you try Shotcut on another computer long enough to see what happens?

This is covered in the FAQ.