Cant watch Preview without stuttering

Can’t event watch the videos to preview cuts. Before i updated to the most recent version I had no issues.

Update* Restarted PC: Change preview scaling to 360P Change display to openGL then tried automatic same issue.

Turn off Preview Scaling. Scaling has a CPU cost overhead to downscale, and it can makes things slower. This was explained in our release notes. This is not accepted as a bug. It is what it is. Also, stating “Can’t event watch” is a huge overstatement.

I reinstalled 3x now my new issue is the export speed is DRASTICALLY INCREASED. Went from 20-30m per video to 50m-1H30M is there any way to reduce this?

It depends. Each project is different. Also, you cannot rely upon the estimated time when the job is still running. Did you compare the exact same project between the current version and a previous version? If not you cannot validly claim it has increased. If so, share the versions and times. Lastly, as a suggestion, if you are not using much filters or multiple video track compositing, consider trying with Export > Advanced > Video > Parallel processing turned off. Also, I see you have hardware encoder turned off. Maybe you previously had that on and turned it off since then.

Yes it was going approximately 1%/5 seconds on the previous version and now is going 1% every 1minute same video

on two separate videos. Parallel processing is off

You can also try this:
In the Settings menu
=> Application data directory => Display …
In this directory you find a file called “db.sqlite3”
Delete this file (after saving it) and open Shotcut again.
For my part, when this file becomes too large I encounter the same problem.
When Shotcut is restarted, it must reconstruct the audio waveforms, it takes a few seconds, but then playback becomes smooth again.

Another performance problem can occur if you have more than one instance of Shotcut running including possibly a dead one in the background. You can look in task list, sorted by name.

I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t edit any videos. I might’ve gotten some settings jumbled up, I don’t know. My video stutters so badly that I can’t edit anything. I’m shooting videos with my Android phone (LG-G7 ThinQ). I haven’t lately tried editing videos from my Windows phone (Lumia 950XL). I’m thinking of completely uninstalling Shotcut and then doing a reinstall. Converting files with Handbrake seems to work okay, but I didn’t have to do that in the recent past.

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