Can't use motion tracking with the size position and rotate filter

Windows 10 22H2

Shotcut version 23.07.29

After I track something on the screen (the Dartgun on the picture)

And the tracking works, I would like to center the item in front of the screen, so i use the position and rotate filter and load the keyframe from the Motion tracker with these parameter

And sadly, it works one time out of twenty, I mean adding the keyframe works one time out of twenty. Someone has a fix ?

Hi @Mouton_Binoclard
Save the project after Analyze is done, and see if you get a better success rate.

Save, or save and reopen it?

When the Motion Tracker filter was first introduced, save + relaunch was necessary.

But in the latest versions, I just save right after the analyse job is done and it’s working all the time.
Maybe I’m just lucky? :wink: