Can't save anything

When I hit save, I get “Unable to write file The xxxxx.mlt. Perhaps you do not have permission. Try again with a different folder.” This problem occured after I opened a new and second “administrator” account, and started adding my video clips there, along with using Shotcut within that new account. Under the older administrator account, I did not have this problem, but I had other, non-Shotcut related issues. Unable to save anything is a major problem, which prevents me from using Shotcut altogether. Thanks for the help.

Did you try to save to a different folder?

Maybe you could try running Shotcut as administrator


Thanks Brian. I opened a new folder, and put the “export frame” there. Moving that frame back to the time line and then saving it, allowed it to be saved. Thanks for the help. This is about the extent and depth of my computer saavy, but somehow, things eventually work okay in Shotcut. All okay.

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