Can't remove audio crackling from project playback or output

Using Shotcut 22.04.25

I have a couple files that have done this now, one I just recorded this example using OBS. The audio codec is aac at 160kbps. The container is a .mp4. This mostly seems to happen when cutting parts out. Adjusting the audio settings to constant bitrate of 384kbps has no effect, neither does variable. The codec in Shotcut is set to aac as well, so I really don’t understand why I’m getting crackling on my projects.

I posted the source and output here on my personal media server, the footage is uncompressed.

Any help is much appreciated.

The framerate of your video is variable (VFR)

Use the convert function on your source clips. Or, reconfigure OBS to record fixed frame rate.

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Been using version 21.10.31 and haven’t noticed the audio crackling using the same files.

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