Can't put my sound onto the timeline

Help! I’m pretty new at this, so forgive me if the answer is obvious.
i have created a sound in audacity. Then I saved it into my folder. I went into shotcut and “opened file”. I pulled the sound off the source and onto the playlist. Then I tried to drag the sound onto the timeline, and when the sound was over it, the mouse turned into a “NO” sign. What could be the problem?

This is a known issue and has been reported many many times, a search would have turned this up for you.

another suggestion: When I get that (often), I just do this, it works and is quicker than reopening entire shotcut:

  • click the entire track in the timeline (the “blank” bottom part of A1 / V1 or whatever track number you want)
  • now click in the playlist of what audio/video/photo you wish to add
  • the third click goes on the “+” sign above the timeline

If you placed the marker where you want your audio to start, shotcut will now even add it precisely there! Same with video/photo. I figured that out per trial & error. It works, always for me, try it.

Marker = ‘Playhead’