Can't move clips to different tracks

EndeavourOS with KDE Plasma

Version 23.05.14
Reverting back to 22.x versions fixes the issue

I can’t move clips to different tracks. Once I place a clip on the timeline, it’s stuck on that track it was placed on. It happens with all projects including new ones.

Hi. I’m using 23.05.14 on Windows and it works fine for me.

Maybe the track you want to move your clip to is locked?
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If not, can you share a video capture of you trying to move a clip ?

I don’t reproduce it on Linux, but I am not using endeavor or KDE. Do you know if you are using Wayland instead of X?

I can’t reproduce on Linux (Fedora 38, Gnome, Wayland, Flatpak)

Track to track moving works fine

The track isn’t locked. Here’s a clip.

It’s happening on both X and Wayland.