Can't move clips between tracks / tracks behave in elastic manner

Am an intermediate user of Shotcut - have been using it informally for 2 years. Great software. Thank you.
Ran into an issue today that I know I have seen explained in a tutorial video but after 4+ hrs of searching I can’t find it and despite playing around with Shotcut could not figure out what I am doing wrong. Using 20.07.11; also tried latest version.

I have 2-3 video tracks (V1, V2, V3) with multiple clips on V1. I am trying to click on a clip on V1 and use the mouse to drag it to V2 or V3. But what happens is that the whole timeline (all tracks) behave in an elastic manner, and try to move up (going under the timeline box). Releasing mouse causes all tracks to bounce back down. Similarly one can stretch all tracks down. The clip that I am trying to move from V1 to V2, however, does not move to V2.

What am I doing wrong ?
Thank you.

Hi @shsabh6. Can you provide a screen capture of your Shotcut window please ?

@shsabh6 it seems that you have activated the “Ripple mode” to all tracks for the first time in your two years?

Thanks, but not quite… I am familiar with ripple across tracks. I think I may have not explained the issue well. It is not that the clips within each track moves right or left, but that the V3, V2, V1 + any A1, A2 tracks move up and down i.e. when grabbing a clip on V1 track and dragging it with the mouse to go to V2 or V3, all the tracks move up but the clip does not move to V2/V3. When you release the mouse, then all the tracks bounce down in an elastic manner. Same happens when I move it down; all tracks move vertically down, then upon leaving the mouse they bounce back to center.

Here is a snip of the Timeline window, where I am probably doing something wrong. Do you need the whole application window ?

I have also seen this.
Dragging a clip, but it sticks to the track and drags the whole track and those above it upwards within the tracks window.

Dragging left and right worked.

Select elsewhere and try again and it usually works.

Après vérification, il s’avère que ce n’est pas obligatoire, cela fonctionne aussi sans avoir sélectionné le clip auparavant.

After checking, it turns out that this is not mandatory, it also works without having selected the clip beforehand.

Thanks for the response. Yes, you are correct - dragging left / right works. It is only if I am trying to drag the clip from track V1 to (say) track V2, that all the tracks (video and audio) within the timeline window try to move up together. Then releasing the clip causes all the tracks to bounce back (like an elastic). I tried this with 3-4 clips on V1 plus also holding in different places of the same clip. Nothing works.

Same happens if you try to drag a clip downwards.

In my current movie I had 2 video and 2 audio clips. So, I started a fresh project with just 2 video tracks. It works fine - one is able to easily move clips from V1 to V2 and back.

But then if you add another Video or Audio track, the same “bouncy” issues start, and remain even if you delete all tracks and just have V1 + V2.

Maybe the bouncy thing is a feature, and one is supposed to move clips (manually) between tracks some other way … ?

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