Can't make a new post while making a post

This is probably a Discourse issue, but I’m hoping it’s a setting somewhere.

I was making a lengthy post and was hoping to find other posts on some of its subjects and, if not found, make a new post - leaving that lengthy post open to either refer to the new post or erase that section if applicable, etc.

(Un)fortunately, this seems to be impossible. The “New Topic” button changes to “Open Draft”, taking me back to the post I was writing up.

Just open a new browser tab.
Works for me (Chrome).

Alas, no such luck here.

In case it was a browser issue, I even switched over to Chrome. After logging in, the Forum software recognized I had a draft and again did not show the “New topic” option.

Demo video:

It would help if you accurately titled your topic.

You wrote: Can’t make a new post while making a post when you really mean Can’t create a second topic while creating a new topic

How can you expect people to know what you mean if you don’t explain exactly what you are attempting.

But yes, this is not a Shotcut issue at all and one that isn’t fixable by the devs.
Go to the Discourse feedback site

I did specify what I was referring to in the post.

Regardless, thank you again for your help.

Maybe you thought you did, but you wrote:

Definitely mentions ‘post’ at every point there :slight_smile:

I am not going to do anything about this.

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