Can't Install - Won't Run

I was happily using Shotcut until most recently when I started getting fails when exporting. I thought I should upgrade to the latest version, but that won’t install/run on my OS (10.11.6) I tried installing an earlier version, but that doesn’t seem to work either. Help! (I can’t upgrade my OS, either.)

La dernière version qui fonctionne sur OSX 10.11.6 est la 20.09.27
Elle est disponible ici.

The latest version running on OSX 10.11.6 is 20.09.27.
It is available here.

Merci bien! I deleted the latest version and installed 20.09.27 and that fixed the problem.

Peut-être devriez-vous mettre à jour la page “Download”

Maybe you should update the “Download” page.

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done as well as offering the beta to Big Sur users

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