Can't increase the duration in properties for an image

I click on properties & the duration field is greyed out.

Please help. I need to increase it past 4 secs.

I’m on version 5.9.7


Ok, we read that, but we don’t like the fact that we can’t just type in the amount of time we want it to sit there.

That’s way easier than using the dragging which is time consuming & not accurate.

Can you put that in as a feature request pls.?


Adjust from the source tab.
Can either type in the values or move the sliders in the Source preview.

It’s grayed out because you’re attempting to adjust from the timeline.

Since you’re at that window, click on the 3 lines here.
Drag that file to the viewer (will be on the source tab now).

A different way: While still in the timeline, just reduce the zoom level to make adjusting easier.

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