Can't find the application after downloading from Github (macOS)

Hello, I am on macOS (MacBook Air) and I was having an issue where I can’t find the actual file to open once I downloaded Shotcut. I went to the official website and downloaded from Github. I don’t know if I downloaded the wrong file or did something wrong, but I stayed on the page it took me to when I clicked ‘download from Github’, pressed the dropdown menu in the ‘Code’ button, and downloaded a file. The file was a zip file (named ‘’), which opened into a folder called ‘shotcut-master’. In the folder, there were documents and more folders, none of which opened into the actual Shotcut application. When the folder is first opened, it looks like this:

I clicked on some documents but I apparently didn’t have an application to open them. The folders contained some code documents (?) that would open but were only text. If I did something wrong, could you please tell me the steps to download properly? If I did it right but I just can’t find the application, where do I find it? (Please don’t send me video tutorials, YouTube isn’t working for me.)

Just go to the download page of shotcut and download your build, if intel than “Site 2 Github Intel MacOS”, and it will just download the dmg so you can install it easily, if you have the new M1 Mac than Arm64 build, both will download a dmg, which is similar to an exe in windows, just double click and download the dmg.

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You downloaded the source code, but you should download a .dmg

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