Can't find my video file

I don’t know what is the problem whether something is wrong on my end or something is happening with my app. When I go to open my video file to edit, nothing is there. If I go to File Explorer and go to that same path, all my files are there but when I open Shotcut nothing is there (except for the other files inside that file)finatry1 finary

The first picture is the file on Shotcut and the second is File Explorer

Can you explain exactly what you did, because if I try to open a video file in Shotcut the title of the popup says “Open File”, not “Projects Folder”.

If you try to open a project (MLT) it filters the popup so it only shows folders and files with the ‘.mlt’ filetype, which in your case would mean no files.

In your first screen shot, notice the dialog title says “Projects Folder.” In Shotcut, you are clicking New Project > Projects Folder and expecting that to let you open an old project. That is not what it does.
Read the tooltip when you hover your mouse over it

Or read the docs

If your project is not listed under Recent Projects, then use File > Open.

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