Can't find my lost .mlt files in Autosaves file

So my software didn’t crash. It all started as I only saw black screen suddenly in the project window when I hit ‘play’, throughout all the clips I’ve edited, it’s all black and I’m not really sure what I have done leading to this, so I hit ctrl+s to save the file and I tried to close the software and open it again. The problem wasn’t solved, so I tried to open another .mlt file which doesn’t have a ‘repaired’ after its project name it worked but the tons of progress is lost. And now here’s the thing, I don’t know what did I do but when I try to open the .mlt file again which I have been working on for the past 8 hours, what greeted me is the exact same progress as the another .mlt file which doesn’t have a ‘repaired’ in its project name. And I’m currently stuck here because I can only find one single autosave file in the autosave folder unlike others and the autosave file takes me back to the ‘non repaired’ file’s progress.

I’m sorry for my English, but I really need some help here

Here is a great post on how Autosave works.

You might want to consider doing a Save As (naming each save different from the last).