Can't export video after update

Before editing my latest video, I updated Shotcut to 23.07.29. I finished editing and tried to export the video using the same settings I’ve used in previous videos, but it fails after about 30 seconds. After doing this a few times, I opened the file for a previous video that had been successfully exported before the upgrade to see if it worked, and it also failed. I assumed it was some sort of problem with the new version, so I downgraded to 23.06.14, which was the version I was running when I exported that previous video. No luck, either with the new video or the one which worked before.

I’m entirely at a loss. I’ve attached the failed job logs for the new video, both in the new version and in the old version, as I have no idea what I’m looking for. All I do know is, I’m doing nothing differently with this edit than I did with previous edits and still using the same computer (a Intel Core i7-9750H CPU 2.60 GHz running Windows 11 Home). Export settings are as follows:
H264 High Profile
1920 x 1080
16 x 9
60 frames
Codec Quality 100%

Please help, and thank you!

FAILED JOB LOG-81223.txt (203.5 KB)
FAILED JOB LOG-81223-old version.txt (204.1 KB)

From your log file:
x264 [error]: high profile doesn’t support lossless

Don’t use 100%, 65% (crf18) is more than enough for most people, 80% (crf10) is pretty much impossible to differentiate from lossless with the naked eye. 100% just gives you huge files.

If you absolutely want lossless, use the H264 lossless preset in the export panel (scroll down as it’s quite far down in the list):

I ended up solving it by using the hardware encoder option, but I’ll give it a try at the lower setting. Thank you!

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