Cant export? Get exit code error

So i got this error 1073741819, and the solutions offered in other threads did not fix the issue for me, but i ended up figuring out the issue and solving it, and i beleive it will be helpful for others having this same issue. I was accidently trying to export 1080i instead of 1080p, nothing i changed fixed it until i changed to 1080p then it instantly worked as expected. I was trying to export an obs recording that i just added gain to the volume, i didnt even trim anything from it or add any effects or anything, all the other suggestions talk about an effect or something causing it, but i couldnt even export the video with no editing, I honestly think everyone else getting this error was having the same issue and fixed it by accident thinking it was something else they changed, aspect ratio or whatever, when in reality it was the pogressive vs interlaced settings

The default depends on the Video Mode, and if the video mode was Automatic at the start of the project, it depends on the first video file imported. So, it is progressive by default for most users. I doubt OBS writes the file as interlaced, but I guess it could depending on some weird incorrect setting in OBS. So, you should start Shotcut, do not open anything, and check your Settings > Video Mode to ensure it defaults to something other than interlaced (these tend to have a lower case ā€œiā€ after the vertical resolution in their name). Also, most encoders do support interlaced encoding, but some hardware encoders might fail on it.

im having the issue as well. do you think its due to the new update?

i didnt use default, i had previoursly done a 1080i export trying to find settings that compress tf out of my file without losing much quality lol, but it remembers the previous setting for the new project, and it took me a while to notice the i and remember what i did as i dont use it a whole lot

just make sure your using the same type of export as the original, so if the original is 1080p, then export in a progressive scan mode, 1080p, 720p for example, if it happens to be 1080i source, then use 1080i export, otherwise dont use it because its not ideal for most digital media

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