Can't export anything, need to turn audio to video

Windows 10 home version 22H2 on Alienware 15R4 laptop.

Shotcut stopped working a few months ago so I finally uninstalled it now, searched everything named Shotcut on the C drive and deleted it, ran CCleaner, cleaning the registry, and tried installing Shotcut 24.01.28, but I’m still not able to export any files, trying to figure out how to convert a wav or mp3 file into a youtube file, for free. I did not reboot in this process, nor did i close WMP and VLC, if that’s an issue? I doubt it.

please send printscreen with the error to better investigation … which is the error message ? or just do not do it …

from my side it is all fine 24.01.28 …

[quote=“Mark_Fleener, post:1, topic:42768”]trying to figure out how to convert a wav or mp3 file

You need to place the music wav/mp3 file into an audio track … and place a image or video on a video track and make the export as usual

if you just place the audio music file … it will be a black image video with music … ok ?

Adding the audio file on a Video track can be desirable in some cases. Many music files already have an image (album cover usually) imbedded in the file. So if this embedded image is all you want to display on YouTube, you can place the audio file on a video track.

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