Can't drag images to increase the duration on timeline

This is a strange problem in 23.06.14. I have used older versions before and never had a problem but now when I drag pictures/images on the timeline, the mouse cursor remains a hand and does not always change to an arrow that I can drag to increase the duration for which a picture is to be displayed.

I can change the duration in the playlist using source and properties and change the new default duration but it is very erratic: sometimes the mouse cursor becomes an arrow and sometimes it remains a hand and then cannot be dragged to increase or decrease the duration.

Is noone else facing this problem? This is quite a severe problem which was not in the previous version of Shotcut.

I am constantly making video files to upload on YouTube. Generally, I add an MP3 and then a couple of images in the video section that I drag on to the timeline. I am able to make the default time of each image to 20 seconds. But earlier when I dragged images on the video section of the time line, I could change the individual duration of each image by simply dragging the right hand side that becomes an arrow. But now, very often, on dragging images on the video section, after I have added an audio file when I click on zoom to fit, I find that the arrow on the RHS disappears and becomes a hand. I can’t as a result stretch the duration of the image/video and change it. This is very aggravating. I am able to fix this by all sorts of trials and errors but have not been able to find a solution.

I would be grateful for any and all help on this.

i tried to reproduce your problem by adding an audio track and then putting some images into a video track. i can change the duration of the images by dragging on the right and left hand sides just fine.

i have experienced a behavior similar to this lately, but i’m not sure if it’s the same thing as what you’re seeing. for me, what’s happening is that i use windows, and i have my Windows taskbar on the bottom of the screen. it’s hidden most of the time, unless i’m actively interacting with it. but sometimes i notice that the Windows taskbar activates, and at that point, if i try to do any manipulation of tracks on the Shotcut timeline, i can’t because i just get the hand mouse pointer rather than the arrows.

to resolve the issue, i have to click on the Shotcut window anywhere outside of the timeline, and then the Windows taskbar goes back to hiding, and i can get back to manipulating the items in the Shotcut timeline.

so if your problem is similar to mine, the workaround for you might be to click on Shotcut outside of the timeline to restore your ability to interact with items in the timeline.

fundamentally, i think the actual fix would be to address whatever is causing Shotcut to shift focus to the Windows taskbar, but i don’t know of a reliable way to reproduce the issue. it seems to just pop up randomly.

Thanks for replying and sharing your problem.

I wish I could easily replicate the problem because it does not happen with every audio/image file. Invariably it happens when the audio file – MP3 – is longish and I am trying to add more than a few images, say four or five.

Plus, I am on a Macbook, so not sure how much of the behaviour is similar.

Since I encountered the problem, I have started using the slideshow feature which helps to an extent. But I can’t even begin to describe how frustrating it can be if you want to upload a video quickly and have the images for the audio file but the stretchable arrow just does not show up: it remains a hand.

Without seeing a screenshot, or at least a sample project to load our images into, it would be hard to come up with a good solution. Here are a few of my ideas.

  1. What is your default duration set to?
    This shows 4 seconds.

  2. Another idea is that Zoom Timeline is too close to get the arrows.

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Thanks a lot for trying to help. I was able to replicate the problem this time, though while taking screenshots, I am not able to capture the hand sign.

My default duration is set to 20 seconds.

The workaround I found this time was that this since the soundfile was very large, I used the slidwshow option and added it to the timeline by changing the time there. The problem with that solution is that the processing time for slideshows is a heckovalot longer.

Also, the problem seems to arise when there is more than one image. Say, in this case there were two images. The album cover and one more pic. So when I drag the first image to the timeline from the playlist, it has the arrows. But the second pic does not. And then after placing the second pic on the timeline, if I want to once again add the first pic after it, it remains a hand and does not become an arrow.

In fact, now it is happening even with only one pic. After having moved the audio file to the timeline, when I move the pic to the Video track of the timeline, it just remains a hand.

Thank you: so your reply was a great deal of help as by zooming the timeline I am able to get the arrows. My 20 second images should by default have had arrows, as used to happen in the older versions of Shotcut but I am quite happy with this solution. I do have to zoom a bit but it gets the job done.

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