Can't cut anything

So as you can see in the image i can’t see the bottom of the shotcut software. when i try to edit the video it doesn’t pop up on the bottom and i can’t do any cuts. Can someone tell me how to fix?

Click on the items in Red, specifically “Timeline”.

Do you mean when you drag a video from the source tab down into the timeline?

There are two ways to edit (or cut). Either with the Playlist or in the Timeline. In OP’s picture, it was just Shotcut opened with no actual video file open.

If you’re choosing to edit with the timeline, then yes, drag the video from the Source tab once you have opened a video file. But first you must open the Timeline panel/window to drag the video to it.

And with any window/tab within Shotcut can be resized to your liking to an extent.
Perhaps a great resource is to actually watch the all of the videos in these links:

The videos in here show how Shotcut is supposed to be used.
There are many more instructional videos out there on YouTube showcasing Shotcut’s ability.