Can't change the speed of a clip


I right clicked on a clip, went to properties, and changed the speed to .8, that worked.

Then a problem started. Every time after that when I tried to change the speed of the same clip, Shotcut would crash.

Now, when I change the speed of the clip, it simply reverts back to .8 without keeping my changes. I have tried reloading the project multiple times and have tried clicking out of the speed window and hitting enter in an attempt to get the new speed to stick. No avail.



This is a bug that was already fixed for the next release due tomorrow.


A workaround is to Copy the clip to the Source player, change the speed, and then overwrite the old clip.


Outstanding! Thank you so much!


I have downloaded the newest version of Shotcut and am still experiencing the same problem.


Works for me. Maybe it does not work for an existing project. Maybe it depends on something we have not identified. If you spell out your steps exactly or show a screencast showing how to do it from an empty project, it might help.


Seems to not work for an existing project on clips that already had their speed altered.

Here is a video showing the problem


I see it, but strangely I still do not reproduce it. I tried with both video files in the same directory as the project file (uses no or relative path for file name links) and video files in a different directory or drive. Are you using network paths (\server\share…). I even tested that without a problem. Can you attach your project file?


I have attached the file; the two clips that I am trying to change begin at 6:56 and end at 7:14

You will notice that the file name includes the word ‘Repaired’ three times. This is either due to the program crashing or my computer, I have been dealing with both. I’m not sure if this information is useful to you but the computer crashing is, I believe, due to problems with my SSD. The computer is only two weeks old so it could be driver issues.

Star Wars Prop Hunt 420 - Repaired - Repaired - Repaired.mlt (65.7 KB)


It is strange that I still cannot reproduce it. However, I see a minor problem in your file on the speed-changed clips related to this:

The resolution of that does not fix existing projects that have this minor pollution.The only thing I can think of to try is this new project file with my manual cleanup for that change and one other thing…

Star Wars Prop Hunt 420 - Relative Cleanup.mlt (61.3 KB)

…The only other thing I can think of right now to try is changing your Settings > Display Method from DirectX to OpenGL or vice-versa.


Thank you so much for your help with this. I am having to replace a two week old computer so I may drop off the radar for a short bit here.

Concerning the two clips that are borked, since they come from the same source as the rest of the project, and the rest of the project seems to be working fine, should I simply remove and re-add those clips?


You can try this:

  1. double-click the clip to select it and position the play head to its beginning
  2. click Copy on the timeline toolbar
  3. switch to the Source player
  4. change Properties > Speed
  5. click Paste or Overwrite (V icon) on the timeline toolbar
    Paste will do a ripple insert whereas overwrite behaves like changing speed of a timeline clip.