Can't change spped of clips and second time

I changed the speed on clips in my video. Opened the project back up today and wanted to split one of the clips and change speed on the new clipped section, but it won’t change. I clicked all over after changing the speed, and hit enter, but it doesn’t change the speed. The clip will not go faster. You can tell it’s not working even though I change the numbers because the clip on the timeline doesn’t get shorter.

Shotcut version?
Operating system?

Just updated to 18.06.02, and running on Windows 10. Should I delete the old version? Maybe that’s causing trouble? Because I noticed it also doesn’t show the new feature of “reverse a clip” under “Properties”. It is running separately from the old version, with its own icon on my desktop, but the new folder for Shotcut is in the old Shotcut folder in Programs.

Your thread is about changing a split clip’s speed.
In any case, you must click the hamburger menu button to the right of the [Reset] button in the clip Properties panel.

Yes you can have multiple versions installed, but you MUST take notice of where you install as the default location will overwrite the previous version.

Thank you, I found the reverse as you indicated. Still can’t change the speed though. When I open a project for the 1st time, I can change the speed as much as I want, but once I save it and close the program, when I go back to it another day, the speeds can no longer be changed.

You’ll have to explain precisely step-by-step because I can’t repeat the error here with any version I have (inc the latest now)

Hi, I had the same problem and managed to resolve it. If you change the speed up, say x4, next thing you have to do is on the ‘Duration’ which is right next to speed, just click the down arrow head and the duration will change. Then you export as usual. Cheers