Can't change clip speed without losing video

This was one short clip. I wanted to speed up the middle section. I split the clip in 3 and then changed the speed of the middle clip to 4 X.

The clip reduced in size x 4, but when I play it, there is no audio or video. Only a black screen.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

You need to remove the space in between the two clips. Right-click on the green space, then select “remove”. You are seeing black because your playhead is positioned on the blank space. Hope this helps.

Thanks Jonray, but that’s not the problem. I can delete the green space, but the clip where the speed has been changed, is still blank.

You will note that the clip is white, when in all the tutorial videos I’ve seen there is an image still in the clip.


After much messing around and testing, I discovered the problem was with the video that I had imported. I used a different video and it worked fine.

There was some issue with converting my videos from AVCHD to MP4.

Glad you got it sorted.

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I was about to mention speed change does not work well across all formats. You might consider to use the Properties > Convert to Edit-friendly function in Shotcut.

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Thanks. I was totally puzzled how something that looked so simple would not work for me.

I’m going to use a different app to convert from AVCHD to MP4. Good to know that I could convert it within Shotcut.

I have an el-cheapo Panasonic camera that uses AVCHD, but I can choose to change it to MP4 in the settings. It does come with really crappy software to convert AVCHD to MP4, and internally it will convert the AVCHD to MP4 if you transfer from within the camera via USB cable. I would go to your camera’s manufacturers support site, and I’d bet you’ll find conversion software there to download.

Thanks @Hudson555x

Unfortunately I can’t change the settings to MP4 in my camera. I have a Sony and the software they provide is a joke. It continually crashes and takes forever to transfer files.

My only option that makes sense is to export the AVCHD files to my Mac via the memory card. Then I need to convert them to MP4, but the trick is to select the correct file when I export them. I think I’ve got that covered now.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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