Can't add tracks to timeline in the 21.03.2021 release

I just updated my Shotcut to the newest version, and I cannot see tracks on my timeline.

When I tried to open a project I was working on, I see the video in the preview window (no audio). My timeline is there, but there aren’t any tracks on it and I can’t find a way to add them in the new version.

The usual CTRL+U or CTRL+I aren’t working, nor does pressing V to just paste the opened video.

Anyone knows what is happening?

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I had a huge scare this evening.

My tracks almost completely vanished. As if someone had chopped them off with an axe, leaving only a tiny dangling stub on the left.

Then I discovered that in the new layout, etc, Keyframes seemes to pop into view whenever it feels like it, and now Keyframes appeears to the right of a severely shortened timeline.

Clicking the Keyframes button is to no avail; it is “On”, not “Toggle”

…but the Keyframes menu choice under View is a toggle, and so is Ctrl_7

I got my Timeline back.

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