Can't add more clips

I am in the middle of working on a video with several clips and have gotten to 00:03:06:23 and the software will not allow me to add anymore video clips. I even tried adding another video track to place the additional clips onto but when I drag the clip, the “O” with “/” through it shows up refusing to add. Working on Window 10 with most recent version of Shotcut. What can I do to continue with creating this video?

I’ve had that happen to me too. Have you tried restarting the program? That fixed it for me.

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Save. Close. Re-open. Continue.

Probably a memory leak somewhere.
The above always sorts it out.

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Thank you. I tried that this morning and it worked.

i’m having that problem too. restart the program like everyone else said. that bug sure is annoying, i hope they fix it soon.