Can't add a video in timeline

So I have these two clips that I’m editing and the first clip is about a minute and the second is about 20 seconds.

When I try to insert them in the timeline, it makes the “NO” sign on my cursor if you know what I mean.

Kind replies would be sincerely appreciated! Thank you…

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This happened once on my machine. I saved the project, closed Shotcut, then reopened it. All was fine again.

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There is more than one way to add a video to the Timeline - timeline toolbar buttons and keyboard shortcuts - not only drag-n-drop.

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Seems like that works too! Thanks for your support :smiley:

So it seems like the “CLIPBOARD” button works the same as Drag-n-Drop. I see how to use it now lol Thank you

yep, i have the same problem…well in my case i can’t even add new clips into playlist. When i try it the programme close the first clip and just change for the 2ª. So, after read your answer i try using playlist toolbar buttons…but it doesn’t work. it’s like that buttons were desconected, nothing happens when clik them.
what can i do? Thanks

I have the same problem often, whenever it happens, saving and re-opening works.

i tried this several times, ones because i want close programme, others cause the programme wants close for itself :wink:
But i get end the video anyway.
I had a image with a title, and music and want add a video i had. But couldn’t put both together.
In fact the solution was easier than i thought, just export both as 2 videos mp4,
start new project and put both mp4 together, It works!!!

I would really call it a solution and you would have had to just export once if you used the timeline. You’re editing with the playlist. Two different ways to edit in Shotcut.

Timeline is on the bottom, the Playlist is on the left side (indicated the red dot I placed in this picture).

i Can differencce between play list and time line, i know the programme. the probleme is that u need take the parts of the project from the view screem to put in the timeline and editing. So i put the parts on playlist to get a view of them. Ther was the probleme, the programme don’t accepted three parts together on my playlist, it close the image, text and music view when i add the next video.
For me was a solution when the objective was reached. thanks

This Worked!! :slight_smile:

My problem was that the buttons in my timeline were missing and the timeline did not work.

This only happened in the latest version of Arch’s program 20.11.14.

I solved it by installing the package: