Cannot View Source Tab After Closing Project if Video not in Playlist

Ok, the video needs to be in the Playlist and double clicked to open in Source mode. Found this particularly confusing, and I would like to ask how a video that is not in the playlist (just on project timeline) can be source edited?

On edit - not a bug, sorry->
Win 10 x64

This is reproducible.
1 - Make a new project and add a video to the playlist. The player window opens in Source tab (ie get the blue edit bar at the bottom). Clicking the Project tab removes the blue edit bar, and just get a timeline.
2- Close and open the project. After this can no longer edit the video using the blue bar. Clicking on the Source tab does nothing and the blue edit bar cannot be seen again.

I am new to Shotcut, so maybe this is not a bug, and there is something I’m not doing right. However, this is reproducible and no matter what I do, the Source edit window does not appear. I’ve tried with a selection of videos, large and small, and the same thing happens every time.

Hi @KarlM_Alias

When you re-open the project, go to the playlist. The video you previously added should still be there.
Double-click on it to get the edit bar back.

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