Cannot playback / edit GoPro 1080@50fps videos

I run Shotcut 18.03.2 on Fedora on a 24Gb RAM Lenovo T450s with i7 processor and a very fast SSD, not the fastest laptop but not cr*p either.

When I use Shotcut to open a 1080@50fps video made with my GoPro Hero 6 I cannot even make it playback nicely. It’s difficult to describe in words how it behaves, but it’s like it pauses every half second. Moving to different parts of the video is incredibly slow, too.

Opening other high bitrate H264 full HD test files I have has no issues.

Before you ask, I have no hardware acceleration, and it is not selected in Shotcut.

You can see at the output of ffprobe -v quiet -show_format -show_streams for one of the videos that give me issues, in case it was useful.

Perhaps the GoPro is doing something odd and I need to pre-process the files in some way? Please help!


According to this website: GoPro Hero 6 Black - 10 Things You Need To Know
The GoPro Hero 6…

The GoPro will now be using H.265/HEVC file format for 4k 60 and 1080p 240.

If you record at 1080@50fps, it’s recording with H264?

There is a recent discussion on here with another GoPro Hero 6 user on here, but with Windows. Not sure if it will help with your issue, but here is the link to the discussion.

Hi, the metadata produced by ffprobe suggests that it is H.264, not H.265, so what the website you point at states seems to be correct. It really looks like just a matter of performance: Shotcut just can’t cope with such bitrate and fps.

A temporary solution I found yesterday is to preprocess all files to reduce bitrate down to 3 Mbps and framerate to 25 (for the curious, the command is ffmpeg -i input_filename -y -r 25 -c:v libx264 -b:v 3M -strict -2 output_filename).

However, I wonder what I will have to do next time I really need the 50fps high bitrate. Shall I go back to Mac?


Simply put the t450s doesn’t have the cpu grunt to handle something like that, the i7 that was available in it is an ULV model with 2 cores and a 2.6-3.2ghz frequency range. I don’t even get fullspeed playback at 1080p30 on my (one generation older) S1 yoga depending on what i’m doing. I support thinkpads at work and have had a chance to mess with most of the more recent models and what you’re asking your laptop to do would be better suited for the T460P or similar. Going back to mac isn’t really going to resolve the issue unless it’s a 15" model they’re the only ones with the higher end cpu’s