Cannot open video files from USB stick

Using version 17.04.02 on Windows 8.1. If I have video files on my USB stick, I cannot open them in Shotcut. Neither drag and drop, nor using the Open File button work. There is no failure to open file message or any notification that Shotcut made an attempt. They just don’t open at all. When the files are opened from the hard drive instead of a USB stick, there is no problem.

Very unlikely a ShotCut bug.
I have no issue opening files from a USB stick, SD card, External HDD or a Network drive.
My guess is that you USB drive is faulty. Try running a scan on the drive.

This has happened for multiple USB sticks. But I will run a scan and see.

Can you copy the files from the USB stick to the Hard Drive without error?

Yes, there is no problem copying to the hard drive from the USB.

When was the last time you rebooted your computer?
Try that.
I’d also reinstall ShotCut and select to remove settings during the installation.

The computer was rebooted within an hour of the issue every time. Unfortunately, I cannot uninstall and reinstall ShotCut as I’m working with virtualized applications and don’t have admin access to change apps at will.

Virtualized applications can be the reason

+1 agree, if you work in “virtual environment”, this could be a reason rather then Shotcut itself. Perhaps if don’t have admin rights, there are some restriction on USB access directly from applications? I have successfully completed few projects importing clips straight from USB flash drive as well as SD cards without any problems…