Cannot import high-bitrate audio files

windows10,shutcut 2023.09.29

Hello, all versions of Shotcut cannot import high-bitrate audio files (such as audio files with a bitrate of 24576KBPS), but other software can. This is a serious problem.

Can you provide a link to an example file that we can test with? Or, give us the exact specifications of the file (look at the windows properties when you right click on it in file explorer).

I have 96 KHz FLAC music files that are very high bitrate and they open and play for me. I just exported it as WAV and ALAC both are inherently high bitrate and that works too. FFmpeg will not let me create a MP3 or AAC file with a non-sensical high bitrate like that.

Did I understand you correctly that you mean the DSD audio-music format?

Shotcut perfectly opens music in DSD-256 format with a bitrate of 22.6 Mb/s, and DSD-512 with a crazy bitrate of 45.2 Mb/s and a sample rate of 22.6 MHz.

By the way, I suggest you: add Dolby AC4 audio encoder for users to choose, thank you.