Cannot hear audio in timeline when editing

Yesterday, I was editing a drawing video where I had a voiceover accompanying it. After editing the voiceover I started putting the video files above it. After about a few minutes when I played the video from the beginning I couldn’t hear a thing. The source video from the playlist bin have perfect sound, though. Just the timeline is having an issue. The audio isn’t muted and there aren’t any filters on it that would cause something like this. Any help is much appreciated. There are hours of work into this and I really need to get shotcut working at its full potential to finish.

Can you provide a screenshot of Shotcut showing all tracks?
Things to include in the screenshot:

  • Audio File - Filters (Click on the audio file, then click Filters)
  • Timeline - Show Audio Waveforms

Example screenshot:

Make sure there is no filters applied to the Master/Output… if there is a filter, this symbol will appear.

Yep, there was a filter applied to the output, haha! Thank you so much! Problem solved!

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