Cannot get the video and audio to play together

I just downloaded Shotcut yesterday and dropped a video into the playlist and then the timeline. The video plays when I press the play button. Then I added a mp3 file using Ctl-U, however the audio file would not drop into the audio, so I added it through the playlist. When I hit play the video and audio file won’t play together. Can some help me. Thank you. Here is a screen shot of my current screen.

You need to add the video to a video track and the audio to an audio track

You screenshot shows an audio track on the timeline and no video track.

Try this. Create a new file. Add the video to the playlist. Add the audio to the playlist.
CTRL Y to create a video track. CTRL U to create an audio track. Then drag the video to the video track and the audio to the audio track. They should both play.

You beat me to it Steve.

I’m less verbose than most … :smiley:

Thanks everyone for the quick reply. I will test what you said and reply letting you know what happens. I’m grateful for the very quick response. Thank you.


I just wanted to thank everyone again. I have both the video and audio playing on the timeline. I just need to adjust the time line a little.

Thank to all for replying within six minutes. I’m impressed. That’s close to the response time to our EMT’s in Fairfax, VA. Very impressive support, thank you all.


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