Cannot figure out how to export a full, single track

Hi all, new to the forum. I have searched Google and YouTube for the issue I am facing, and have not found anything.

I am in the process of transferring MiniDV tapes to my PC (using firewire/IEEE 1394). When captured in STOIK Capturer they are formatted as AVI. I used Shotcut to convert from AVI to MP4 (YouTube setting).

Each MP4 is roughly an hour long, and with upwards of 15 clips. I am trying to break down each clip into its own track (Clip 1 with 20 second duration becomes track V1, Clip 2 with 1 minute and 35 second duration becomes track V2, etc.), and then export the individual tracks as individual MP4 files.

I hide the tracks that don’t need exporting (clicking the speaker and eye icons), but when I export say track V1 (20 seconds) I have 1 minute and 15 seconds of black frames and silence because track V2, though hidden, is 1 minute and 30 seconds long.

I tried copying from the Timeline to Source, then using the “duration bar” to set what I want to export and exporting from Source instead of Timeline, but I cannot get it exact, and still wind up with black/silence at the end or with part of the clip cut off.

I am about at my wit’s end trying to figure this out without having to go back and trim every clip that is exported, or having to delete every track that doesn’t get exported only to go back and undo the deletions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To get fine control, down to each frame, you’ll need to use Keyboard Shortcuts.
You can also scroll up/down in the timecode box. 2021-01-30_22-33-01

If you’re just wanting to export out clips, you don’t need to use the timeline, just select parts from Source. You can also export from Source of what you select.

I use the arrow keys to scroll through to exact frames before I split at the playhead in the Timeline, from there I cut and paste into a new track.

The timecode box doesn’t control the duration of the export in Source, it just moves the playhead to a given place.

I need a way to control the arrows circled in this screen capture because that’s what controls the duration of the export when exporting from Source: SHOTCUT-01

When you use the scrolling feature in the timecode box, it doesn’t move those (circled) arrows.

Left side is set with I to the playhead
Right side is set with O to the playhead


You are a god!!! Thank you SO much.

You just made this so much easier, have saved me a massive headache, and likely slowed the greying of my hair. I really appreciate it!


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