Cannot export file as it is "not found"

First time using shotcut. Edit the video no problem and tried to save it to my computer and says file not found. Ok. So I just finish editing in one sitting and try exporting it and it says 'file not found. Check the file name and try again", but here’s the thing, the camera that the videos I took with is still plugged into the computer and they are saved on the computer as well. Any suggestions on how to get it exported/saved so I can send it in?

This could happen because:-

  1. You have deleted your file accidently.
  2. Maybe you think that you saved the file but actually you mistakenly didn’t save that.
  3. You could be signed in to a temporary account in your windows device while you were editing and saved it to the C drive while being in temporary, That’s why it had been deleted.

You could try to open it from recent projects in shotcut.

Screenshot (23)

You don’t say which version of Shotcut you are using. The latest has an option to ignore this message. See here:

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