Cannot Drag Sources Sensibly When Zoomed Into Timeline - showing the bug in action

Windows 10, Ryzen 7 2700X CPU, GTX 1660 Ti
Shotcut V23.09.29

When zoomed in on the timeline to drag sources left and right, it is impossible to control the movement in a sensible manner. If the leftmost boundary of the source being dragged is not visible on screen, the dragged source jumps around like mad. The only time this doesn’t happen is if the left boundary of the source is visible. It should not be expected that the user will want to drag with the left boundary visible, as there might be various sources that need alignment in the middle, or short sources in the middle of long ones, etc. This bug makes fine movement of tracks on the timeline while zoomed in impossible. This is repeatable and happens every time while dragging when zoomed in to the middle of the track, when the left boundary is not visible.

Sorry, I’m kind of new to using Shotcut. I was able to fix this by unchecking the “Scrub While Dragging” icon above the timeline. I don’t know if this behavior is intentional. To me, it still behaves in a strange manner that doesn’t seem to have a practical use… BUT I resolved how to get around the issue nonetheless, so I’ll leave it to the admin to decide if action should be taken or just leave it as is.

My impression is that “scrub while dragging” is so you can see the video move in the preview pane while dragging the playhead back and forth above the tracks. But if you are dragging a source when this mode is active, weird stuff happens.