Cannot apply some filters help!

Dear Forum, hope you’re all well. I’m running the latest version of Shotcut on Manjaro Linux OS. I’m new to Linux and didn’t realise it was necessary to update package manager in order for some of the basic elements of software like Shotcut to work!

I have used Shotcut before although there’s lots of new features since the last time I used it.
However, I’m having trouble applying filters. I first tried to adjust the brightness of a piece of video I had edited in the timeline by selecting the brightness filter and checking the box. Nothing happened. The same seems to be true of contrast, colour grading and some of other filters. On the other hand filters such as ‘sketch’ and ‘crop’ seem to work properly, filters such as ‘distort’ and ‘elastic’ seem to apply but do not allow any increase or decrease.

Could I be doing something incorrectly or could there be some files missing/conflicting?

Please let me know in you need any more info.

Kind regards

Hi @thinkpad. A screen capture of your Shotcut window might help. Make sure at least one of the non-working filters is applied to a clip and that we can see the filters tab with the filter selected (blue line).

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Have you tried the AppImage version of Shotcut? All of the dependencies are bundled with it, which eliminates dependency issues from the list of possible problems.

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Cheers @MusicalBox, I cannot edit the original post, do you think it will be enough to add the images here… :point_down:

Hi @Austin no I have not tried that version, how does it work… does it run shotcut from usb disc?


A very interesting question!

So I tried it.

Yes, 21.02.27 appimage for x64 Linux runs from a USB 3 thumb drive.

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Thank you for the link, if I’m unable to resolve this I will give it a go! Is it able to update automatically when running?

Appimages do not update; one downloads another, more recent one. This is by design; one of the uses of appimages is to have a version that is unchanging, and another use is to own several different versions, to switch back and forth. (But never run two copies of Shotcut at the same time.)

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Thank you @kagsundaram very useful info, helping me learn big thanks

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