Cannot add images to a timeline

Hi there,
I have a timeline containing video clips and added a timeline for a title image. However, when I drag an image from the playlist to the time line I get the red circle with a line through it and it won’t let me add the image.
Does anyone know what is wrong or why it’s preventing me adding the image?

This happens from time to time, no-one knows why afaict.
Save your project, close Shotcut then re-open it.
Now it will work.

still broken lost all my work into a video for ONE image. did ur steps and it is still broken after 3 years.

This particular problem does not prevent you from saving and restarting. If you are having a different problem start a new thread and include more information.

Perhaps you are attempting to add files with the Keyframes panel activated.

Restarted doesn’t reset the Keyframes panel going back to the Timeline panel.
Just simply click the Timeline icon or the tab at the bottom.

It’s not clear what actually happened, as you haven’t provided any details. I can only go off what I’ve experienced. If you can provide clear details of what happened, people here are more than willing to help you find the solution.